What is Venus Factor?

Women are usually more particular about their appearance and a vast majority of the female folk would really love to lose some weight. Whether due to health benefits or just superficial purposes, women undergo different programs in order to lose weight. While some of these measures are effective, many have been discovered to only last for a while and the effects do not last long. Source: thevenusfactorreviewed.net

The Venus Factor is a program specially designed for women that want to lose weight. The main tool in this method is the Venus Index which is determined by the measurement of the waist, hip, and height. In actual fact, only the height needs to be measured as the waist is 38% of the height, and the measurement of the hip is gotten by multiplying the size of the waist by 1.42. And for the shoulder measurement, the waist size is multiplied by 1.618.

The Venus index helps you know whether or not you really need to lose weight as a higher than normal index means you need to shed some weight and you might want to gain weight if your index is low.

The Venus Factor can therefore be described as a good guide for persons that want to determine whether or not they need to lose weight. The program also serves as a guide to help achieve your aim, whether it is weight loss or weight gain.

Apart from helping you to make your decision on your weight, the program also helps with healthy eating habits, workout guides, and even membership of the community.

The eating guide details the right foods to achieve to get your desired appearance and weight. Foods rich in vitamins and other nutrients that help increase the level of Leptin in the body are discussed.

Leptin is the hormone responsible for the increase in the body metabolism which means high leptin level means fast weight and the reverse is correct.

The manual for workout and the plan is meant to run for a period of 12 weeks with 3 phases. The manual consists of a plan that should be followed, easy to understand videos and pictures with comprehensive descriptions to allow for easy and correct understanding. The body fat are regulated with the different workouts and the body is well toned with the muscles properly defined.

With the community membership, women are able to know and interact with other women participating in the program. It is particularly helpful for women that prefer to exercise at home as being in the midst of other women can be a form of morale booster.

With just $47, any interested person can be a part of the program and because buyers are able to get a full refund if unsatisfied after 60 days, money can definitely not be lost.

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