What is Yacon Extract?

The use of yacon extract products has risen especially in the recent years. It has been popularized as an ideal way to increase metabolism and is commonly used in weight loss regimes. Yacon is a tuberous plant that is indigenously found in the Andes mountain region. The local people with access to this plant have been consuming it for a long time as a nutritious food and also using it as an item with therapeutic value. Smallanthus sonchifolius is the scientific name used for the yacon though there are other synonyms applied for the same. The tubers are made has a high water content and special sweet component, fructooligosaccharide (FOS). This compound is valued because it is low in calories and does not have an adverse effect on blood glucose.

Benefits Derived

There are many advantages attached to the use of yacon extract. The FOS content is very beneficial to the digestive system. It has a prebiotic and probiotic effect when consumed which promotes the gut health. Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that regulate the balance and function of gut flora without negative effects. They increase health and vitality by enhancing the digestive processes. Probiotics are compounds that are not digested in the upper gut and they stimulate the activities of beneficial microorganisms within the colon. In real life health scenarios they are used to treat conditions such as diarrhea, intestinal infections as well as irritable bowel syndromes. Yacon can also naturally decrease the frequency of constipation.

As a weight loss agent, the yacon extract works in different ways towards achieving the set goal. Though sweet, the components within the products are very low in calories. Increase in metabolism is a significant effect of using the extract. It reduces the amount of fats being stored and increases those that are being burned. The appetite suppression capabilities of the product also make it highly desirable. The compounds stimulate slow motility of the food being consumed and this reduces the desire for food intake. Supplementing the diet with yacon may also reduce the need for increased intake levels of sugar. It regulates the blood glucose without the negative effects of table sugar.

There are other health gains attained from the natural constituents. Yacon is believed to improve the wellbeing of diabetics by reducing instances of insulin resistance. It also promotes the general vigor of the liver. Antioxidants are also found in the extracts. They hunt down and destroy free radicals within the body which are proven to have cancerous effects in the long-term. Bone health is also improved as a secondary benefit of the probiotic effects. There are no limitations to the improvements that one can experience from the product. For more information click here.

Side Effects and Dosage

The yacon products are usually purely organic and natural and there are therefore negative effects linked to additives of any kind. There are no side effects reported through the use of yacon. However, there is a narrow possibility of being allergic to the plant but the occurrences are very rare. The dosage is mainly determined by the manufacturer and it is important to follow the set guidelines. If you are considering losing weight, yacon extract is a good addition to your routine.